Hair extensions can be fun.  You get to wear your real hair and the hair extensions can give you a whole new look that can last up to four months, depending on how well you take care of it and how fast your hair grows.  There are several types of hair extensions.  There are human hair extensions that come in individual bundles or in wefts that are sewn into your hair.  There are Remy hair extensions, made with Indian hair that has all the cuticles attached and going the same direction, and there are clip in hair extensions, which only last a day and must be replaced the next day.  Here are the top reasons why you should wear hair extensions:

  • Human hair extensions are really realistic and you can have long hair that is curly, straight or somewhere in between.  You can have a whole new look that can be shampooed, conditioner applied and detangler applied or a long lasting nice effect. Human hair extensions are more expensive than animal or synthetic hair extensions

Synthetic hair extensions can look really interesting and often come in multiple colours that blend into your hair so that you can have strands of blue hair, pink hair or black hair mixed in with your regular coloured hair. Synthetic hair extensions must be treated carefully or they tangle up and must be removed.  They can be washed, however, with your regular hair.

Wool hair extensions are interesting-looking thick, dreadlock hair pieces that are sewn in individually onto strands of your own hair.  They are often dyed in bright colours and make a unique fashion statement.  Wool hair extensions shouldn’t be washed because they can mat easily and won’t look right after washing.  The dreadlock look needs to be kept dry and cleaned using dry shampoo on your hair

Clip in hair extensions are made in a set of strands or in a weft that is sewn along a horizontal part in your hair.  Several clip in hair extensions are put in along the top, back and sides of your hair and then can be cut or styled as you please.  Clip in extensions are generally removed as you sleep and put back in whenever you like. Clip in extensions are relatively inexpensive and easy to put in your hair. 

  • Yarn hair extensions are typically for teens to wear. They can be synthetic hair extensions or made from wool hair extensions out of wool yarn.  Hair extensions that look this way are unique, colourful and make an interesting fashion statement.  They shouldn’t be washed. 

There are a lot of reasons people wear hair extensions. They can be used to make an interesting fashion statement and to stand out in the crowd.  They can also be made from human hair and can be extremely realistic.  Human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic ones but really do look as though you are wearing a long wig.  Most human hair extensions give you long, luscious hair that can fool just about anyone.  When the time comes to remove them, you go back to the stylist and he or she will clip them out for you so you can let your hair go back to the same style or you can have more human hair extensions put in right away. 

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